Crown earrings

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Silver, studded crown earrings, for princesses only!

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“Silver, studded crown earrings, for princesses only!

> Crown earrings made of sterling silver with a double combination of silver and gold color. You can choose silver or gold tone for the crown and the rest of the earring.
> Silver is the ideal combination of timeless and affordable jewellery. Silver jewellery can also be combined with pieces you already have in white gold or platinum.
> Dimensions.
> 1.1.1 1.1 cm > Hypoallergenic – No nickel content.

> Keep jewellery in its box and store in a dry place.
> Do not come into contact with detergents and cosmetics such as lacquers, creams, perfumes, etc.
> Do not wear your jewellery while bathing or swimming. Keep them away from places with moisture.

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